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               OnLive LTD is a technology company who engage experts from various fields to create projects that will address the needs of millions of users and are functional and easy to use. Every day we focus all our activities on people and their growing expectations in a dynamically changing world.

"Contemporary business operates in a competitive environment.
Our goal is to provide solutions that change the way we see technology
today and tomorrow.

We use our knowledge and experience to create technologies
that really affect the present and the future."

Daniel Bajer

Many Hearts, One Beat

We have specialties and fields of expertise

Live streaming

Our Team works on our own technology end-to-end video solutions for media, enterprises and individuals. Live streaming, video transcoding and delivery, for audience, marketing, corporate communications, live coverage of mass events and private channels for sharing one’s knowledge during training sessions, workshops and practical tutorials.

Ux designe, user experience

UX Experts Team specialises in the design and development of user interaction and in the use of emerging techniques and practices for developing usable human-computer interaction. Working on User Profiling Field Studies, Establishment of Usability Objectives, Task Analysis, Process and Interaction Designs…


Our solutions are designed for millions of users. For this purpose we need well-designed telecommunication solutions that guarantee the highest quality of service. The priority for us is the shortest possible delay in live broadcasts realised by our customers in our projects. The highest quality!

IOS Team

Our iOS team works on mac and ios applications. It is important for us to have access to our solutions on mobile devices. We have built an advanced API that connects all users between different platforms. We have created a hybrid solution that allows us to broadcast video in real time.

Android team

Our Android team works on applications for mobile devices supported by the android operating system. We want to reach our customers as quickly as possible, so we chose the most popular platforms.


Our team of administrators monitors the state of the servers on a regular basis and monitors automatic machine replication as the number of users increases. We use two professional data centres, providing the highest quality of service, security and technical specifications.

Marketing Automation

We need to identify our website visitors, monitor their behaviour and transactions and then deliver personalised offers across all marketing channels. Increase email marketing effectiveness and best website conversion.

Social media

Getting through to users is a priority for us. Our social media team specialises in planning and implementing campaigns that utilise Social Media Marketing, Marketing Recommendations, and Leadership Feedback.

Back-end Team

Separate teams will deal with front-end and back-end operations. Our back-end team is responsible for programming algorithms that support the services and works closely with the front-end team. They also work on database design and their integration with them.

Front-end Team

The front-end is responsible for downloading data from the user and forwarding it to the back-end. This team works closely with the UX team of experts, marketing automation team and back-end team.

Growth Hacking

We work with experts from different countries who work on making use of user behaviour, social networks and marketing channels to obtain the lowest possible cost. It is a priority for us to attract as many users as possible and to make it smart.

Content Marketing

Providing users with knowledge about our solutions is extremely important. We work with talented text writers and newspaper editors to make the text for the end-user clear and attractive.

Our Projects

             The On.Live Platform revolutionises both the video broadcast and remote consultations markets. It offers unlimited scalability and availability utilising Blockchain Technology and a completely decentralised Peer-to-Peer network. Anyone can contribute to the system if they have the processing power and bandwidth. Smart incentivisation of these contributions guarantees decentralisation and creates a new economy driven by ONL tokens.

          The fit.fit this marketplace services nutritionists, fitness trainers and doctors who offer their services in a convenient way through the platform. Customers can easily find a specialist in their chosen field who will prepare a dedicated diet plan for them, develop workouts at the gym or at home or advise on medical issues.

We think globally

            Our solutions can be used anywhere, regardless of location in the world. Due to the fact that our solutions are technologically advanced, the most important is fast internet access. We constantly track countries with the highest number of internet users and the level of development of teleinformatic networks in these locations.

Development days
Lines of code

Team leaders

“If everyone is moving forward together,
then success takes care of itself.” 

Henry Ford

  • Anna Rybka – Krysiak
    Anna Rybka – Krysiak Co-founder / Director
  • Daniel Bayer
    Daniel Bayer CEO
  • Chris Rybka
    Chris Rybka Founder
  • Michał Jasiński
    Michał Jasiński Legal counsel
  • Szymon Polok
    Szymon Polok Streaming expert, backend Team Supervisor
  • Paweł Josiek
    Paweł Josiek Supervisor IOS, Android and frontend team
  • Igor Farafanow
    Igor Farafanow Ux Expert, Supervisor USER EXPERIENCE Team
  • Adam Ochmański
    Adam Ochmański Supervisor of the team of Administrators
  • Chris Janik
  • Paweł Maciszewski
  • Tim Luft
    Tim Luft Advisor
  • Mark Shaw
    Mark Shaw Advisor

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